Who Inspires Us:

I’m always on the search for great content. Not only do watching and reading other people’s content help inspire us to write, but it also gives us motivation and drive to get to our goals. I want to share some of my favorite bloggers/vloggers who inspire me daily!

Gone With The Wynns – Amazing travel vloggers and bloggers. They RVed the USA for years, and are now on to their next adventure of sailing! Not only are they a great example of what can be achieved if you put your mind to it, they are seriously top notch videographers. We LOVE their videos and blog posts. They are beautiful, informative, funny, and honest. Our dream to one day RV comes from them.

Keep Your Daydream – This family have wonderful weekly YouTube videos of their RVing adventures, but I originally found them from their podcast where they interviewed others with more alternative lifestyles, people following their dreams to sail around the world, RV full-time, hike the Appalachian Trail, etc.  Currently their podcast is on hiatus, but if you want more info about traveling full-time with kids, RVing in general, or amazing travel videography, check them out!

Less Junk, More Journey – This family of three also full-time RVs with a toddler. They inspire us constantly, not only to get out there and see the world, but also to be mindful about minimalism as much as possible. They sold their house and most of their belonging to travel full-time with their only child. Also, they post videos almost daily of their adventures! Constant motivation for us 🙂

I have so many more, not only travel vloggers but personal finance bloggers, authors, etc. Too many to share right now 🙂 Check out our page “Other Sites We Like” for more suggestions.

Who inspires you? Leave us a comment below!



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