Other Sites We Like


The Points Guy – huge travel hacking page, posts new content daily and tracks good travel deals which helps alert us to sales and mistake fares. My #1 go-to site. Follow him on Facebook too for daily updates.

Zero to Travel – this site is more focused on location independence, and long-term slow travel as well as travel hacking. He has a great podcast too if reading articles isn’t your thing.

Personal Finance:

The Penny Hoarder  – a huge money saving , personal finance website. Has travel alerts as well as broad range of other money saving hacks, budgeting tips, and interesting content. Also good to follow on social media for new daily content.

Listen Money Matters  – I originally came across these guys from their podcast, they offer everything from great everyday personal finance information, budgeting tips, side hustles, and investment strategies. Good articles and some free content for signing up for their emails.

FIRE (Financial Independence/Early Retirement):

Mr. Money Mustache – The Ultimate Guide to  FIRE. Start here if you’re interested in learning more about it. He retired at thirty with his wife and a newborn son.

Mad Fientist – offers great in-depth information about tax-advantaged accounts, personal finance, and early retirement. He breaks the tax code down so it’s actually understandable (what?!) , with helpful graphs and infographics. Also has a great podcast where he interviews other bloggers, authors, and retirees about achieving FIRE.


Do you have any good blogs or resources to help us in our adventures? Let us know below.



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